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Looking for a Quick Solution for Lost Teeth? Eager to Savour Your Preferred Foods Again and Retrieve Your Stunning Smile?

No worries! Be inspired by our elated clients who’ve undergone amazing transformations in our clinic. They had to grapple with numerous dental issues that made simple tasks like smiling, socialising, or relishing a tasty meal seem like formidable challenges.


(Patient Name 1) Path to Multiple Implant Bridges


Key Issues:

The patient had several adjacent missing teeth, which disrupted proper chewing mechanics and led to an uneven smile.

Treatment Strategy:

Multiple Implant Bridges

Procedure Timeline:

5-6 visits


Following the procedure, the patient noticed a marked improvement in their ability to chew, alongside an aesthetically pleasing, balanced smile, enhancing their confidence and well-being.

(Patient Name 2) Shift to an Implant-Supported Crown


Key Issues:

The patient suffered from a single, severely damaged tooth due to decay, leading to pain and difficulty eating.

Treatment Strategy:

Implant-Supported Crown

Procedure Timeline:

3-4 appointments


Once the treatment was completed, the patient was relieved from discomfort, and their natural biting and chewing ability was restored, elevating their overall satisfaction.

(Patient Name 3) Progress to Full Mouth Dental Implants


Key Issues:

The patient was dealing with complete tooth loss, drastically impairing speech, dietary options, and denture-related discomfort.

Treatment Strategy:

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Procedure Timeline:

6-7 visits


Post-treatment, the patient experienced a full restoration of speech and dietary freedom and relief from denture-related issues, contributing greatly to their renewed self-esteem.


Why Are Teeth Implants Your Optimum Choice?


Dental implants are a fantastic solution for a missing tooth, primarily because they offer a level of stability unparalleled by other tooth replacement options. They act as the root for your artificial tooth, ensuring it remains firmly in place. Dental implant surgery is meticulously planned, ensuring the implant is precisely placed for optimal function and aesthetics.


The dental implant procedure mimics the function and appearance of a natural tooth, thereby restoring your smile and improving your chewing ability. This procedure is highly customised to match your natural teeth's size, shape, and colour.


In summary, teeth implants represent an ideal choice for anyone missing a tooth or several teeth. They not only improve your oral function but also enhance your self-confidence by restoring your smile.

Why choose dental implants Perth
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Dental Implants: A Dependable Answer for Bone Erosion, Wrinkles, and Early Ageing Indicators

The chronic lack of teeth can cause a decline of the jawbone, a predicament that can worsen due to constant denture pressure.

Cleverly placed dental implants can fuse with the bone, stopping further degeneration and protecting against additional damage.

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Explore a Spectrum of Dental Implant Possibilities

At our dental clinic, we employ cutting-edge dental implant methods and tools to create a smile that’s not just visually pleasing but entirely functional as well.


Dealing with the loss of several teeth?

Think about implant-supported overdentures, a more cost-effective alternative to standard dentures. These overdentures:

  • Securely attach through 2-4 implants
  • Assist in stopping bone degeneration
  • Drastically enhance your biting and chewing capability

  • teeth2

    Require a comprehensive solution to replace a full set of teeth?

    Our premier dental clinic offers a single, fixed arch implant designed to realise the smile you've always desired. These dental implants:

  • Resist chipping and staining
  • Provide a lasting solution (no need for removal)
  • Require 4-6 implants per arch

  • teeth3

    Lost a single tooth?

    A lone dental implant crown could be the perfect answer. It will:

  • Appear and operate like a natural tooth
  • Restore your regular eating capacity
  • Preserve the health of your jawbone
  • Provide an economical, durable solution

  • teeth1

    Missing a handful of teeth?

    A multiple implant bridge is a superior solution for visible gaps in your smile. These dental bridges:

  • Demonstrate exceptional durability
  • Provide a sturdy solution
  • Aid in preserving your bone health
  • Serve as a reliable substitute for natural teeth.

  • What Does the Dental Implant Procedure Involve?


    Consultation and First Visit

    Your dental implant journey commences with a thorough consultation, including X-rays and CT scans, to assess your oral health and jaw bone structure.


    The Treatment Process

    Following this, dental implant treatment is carried out, which might include bone grafting if necessary.


    Smile Creation

    Finally, we craft and attach a custom-made crown, completing your smile restoration. At every stage, we ensure your comfort and safety, making dental implant surgery a suitable choice for you.

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    Who Are We?

    We are a dedicated dental practice offering dental implants in Perth. Our skilled team is committed to delivering exceptional oral health services. We prioritise your comfort, ensuring every visit is a positive experience.

    Our tooth implants are meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Teeth implants serve to restore not only the beauty of your smile but also your ability to chew comfortably.

    We understand that price can be a consideration; hence we strive to offer the most competitive dental implants cost, ensuring our services are accessible to all.

    In conclusion, our goal is to enhance your overall well-being by promoting optimal oral health through high-quality dental implants.

    Numerous Smiles at Our Establishment

    Each smile narrates a distinct tale. At our dental centre in Perth, we tailor every smile to seamlessly match your unique facial attributes.


    Flexible Payment Schemes for Your Convenience

    We offer 0% interest payment schemes to cater to your financial needs. Overcome financial constraints and achieve your dream smile without delay. We’re devoted to ensuring a pleasant experience for you!

    Leverage your Superannuation funds for your dazzling smile.

    Opt for flexible payment durations from 3 to 24 months.

    Benefit from our 0% Interest-Free payment schemes!

    Instant rebates are available from various private health insurance providers.


    Meet Our Esteemed Dental Practitioners

    Our team of dental practitioners are dedicated experts in the field of dental health. They have an impressive track record in successfully handling mouth dental implants and managing conditions such as tooth decay. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they provide personalised treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring exceptional care and outstanding results. Their primary goal is to ensure every patient receives top-tier care and leaves our clinic with a revitalised and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

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    Say goodbye to never-ending dental visits!

    Dental implants provide durable enhancements. Picture this:

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    Relighting the Joy of Savouring Your Favourite Foods Once More

    Saying Adieu to Discomfort and Hurdles

    Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


    When it comes to ensuring the longevity of your dental implants, the proper care and maintenance are paramount. Below are ways to properly take care of your dental implants:

    Regular Brushing: Just like natural teeth, dental implants should be brushed at least twice a day to prevent plaque buildup.

    Floss Daily: Flossing daily is equally important to remove food debris stuck between your teeth and implants.

    Use of a Water Flosser: For harder-to-reach areas, consider investing in a water flosser, which can effectively clean around the implants.

    Regular Dental Checkups: Regular checkups allow your dentist to monitor your dental implant’s condition and overall oral health.

    Avoid Chewing Hard Foods: Hard foods can potentially damage your implants. Therefore, avoid nuts, candies, and ice.

    Avoid Smoking: Smoking can hinder the healing process post-surgery and also negatively affect the longevity of dental implants.

    Limit Alcohol Consumption: Excessive alcohol can also interfere with the healing of your dental implants and the surrounding tissues.

    Use a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush: A soft-bristled toothbrush ensures gentle yet effective cleaning, preventing any potential damage to the implants.

    Use Non-Abrasive Toothpaste: Abrasive toothpaste can scratch the surface of your dental implants, so opt for a non-abrasive variant.

    Tooth implants have been utilised for many years and have a well-documented history of being a safe and reliable form of treatment. They are made from biocompatible materials, which are accepted by the body. Dental implants also preserve natural tooth tissue and reduce bone resorption and deterioration that often results from tooth loss.

    Dental implant surgery, like any medical procedure, does have some risks, although these are relatively minor and rare. Infections at the implant site, nerve damage, and sinus problems can occur but are usually treatable.

    A key to the safety of tooth implants is the initial screening and planning process, where factors such as bone density, gum health, and overall health status are assessed. It’s also crucial to follow all aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and integration of the implant.

    Number of Implants: The number of missing teeth you’re replacing with dental implants is one of the most significant factors affecting dental implant costs. A single-tooth dental implant will naturally be less expensive than full mouth reconstruction.

    Materials Used: Different materials can be used for tooth implants, each with varying prices. The choice between titanium or zirconia implants can influence the final cost.

    Implant Type: The type of implant used, such as endosteal or subperiosteal, can also affect cost. The specific type required will depend on the patient’s jawbone condition.

    Additional Procedures: Some patients may require additional procedures, such as bone grafting, before they can undergo dental implant surgery. These additional procedures will add to the total cost.

    Geographic Location: The cost of dental implants can vary by location. Major cities with higher living costs may have higher dental service prices.

    Dental Practitioner: Costs can vary depending on the practitioner’s level of experience and reputation.

    Dental Insurance: Whether or not your dental insurance covers dental implants will also significantly affect your out-of-pocket costs.

    While it’s important to consider these factors, remember that the decision to get teeth implants is an investment in your health and well-being. While dental implants may come with a higher upfront cost compared to other options, they offer unparalleled comfort, convenience, and durability in the long run.

    When contemplating dental implants as a solution for missing teeth, it’s essential to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Certain characteristics typically define an ideal dental implant candidate.

    Healthy Gums

    One of the primary criteria for dental implant candidacy is having healthy gums. Dental implants are affixed directly into the gum tissue, which subsequently heals around the implant to secure it in place. Consequently, individuals suffering from severe periodontal disease or other gum-related conditions may not be the most suitable candidates for dental implants. Proper gum health is critical as it facilitates optimal healing post-implant procedure and secures the implant properly, offering a sturdy foundation for the artificial tooth.

    Sufficient Bone Density

    A significant aspect that dental professionals assess is whether a candidate has adequate jawbone density. The tooth implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone, acting as a synthetic root for the replacement tooth. Therefore, the bone must possess sufficient density to support and integrate with the implant. For those with compromised bone density, there might be additional procedures required, such as bone grafting to fortify the bone before implant placement. Hence, adequate bone density is a defining characteristic of a good dental implant candidate.

    Good Overall Health

    The dental implant process involves minor surgery, and as with any surgical procedure, the patient should be in good overall health. Conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, or immune-related disorders could affect the body’s healing process post-surgery, possibly complicating implant integration. Being free from these conditions, or having them well-managed, is an essential characteristic of a potential dental implant candidate.

    Commitment to Oral Hygiene

    A strong commitment to maintaining oral hygiene is another defining trait of an ideal dental implant candidate. Though dental implants are resistant to decay, the surrounding gum tissue is still prone to gum disease. Regular and effective cleaning around the implants is vital to prevent the onset of peri-implantitis, a condition similar to gum disease that could lead to implant failure. Hence, prospective candidates must be prepared to follow a meticulous oral hygiene routine, including regular brushing, flossing, and routine professional cleaning.

    Patience and Realistic Expectations

    The process of receiving dental implants isn’t immediate. It requires patience, as there’s a healing period between the implant placement and the attachment of the replacement tooth. During this phase, known as osseointegration, the jawbone grows around the implant, securing it firmly in place. This process could take a few months. Additionally, every patient’s case is unique; therefore, the timeline can vary considerably.

    Realistic expectations are equally crucial. Dental implants offer a solution that’s closest to natural teeth, but they’re not the same. Understanding this and having realistic expectations regarding the procedure, recovery, and the feel and function of the implants are characteristics of a good candidate.

    In conclusion, if you’re considering dental implants, evaluate these characteristics. A consultation with a dental professional can provide a thorough assessment and guide you on the path to restoring your smile.

    It’s important to note that dental implants come in various types, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each patient.

    Endosteal Implants

    These types of dental implants are typically shaped like small screws, cylinders, or plates. They are made of titanium, a material well-suited to pairing with human bone. Through a surgical procedure, dental implants are precisely positioned within the jawbone. Following the healing of the surrounding gum tissue, secondary surgery is conducted to attach a post to the initial implant.

    Subsequently, an artificial tooth (or teeth) is affixed to the post individually or grouped together on a bridge or denture. This comprehensive process ensures a stable and natural-looking dental restoration. This type of implant is an excellent choice for patients with a healthy and adequate jawbone to support the implants.

    Subperiosteal Implants

    For individuals with insufficient healthy jawbones or those seeking an alternative to bone augmentation, subperiosteal implants offer a suitable solution. Unlike traditional implants that are placed within the jawbone, subperiosteal implants rest atop the jawbone but beneath the gum tissue. These implants feature a metal frame custom-fitted below the gums, allowing it to become securely attached to the jawbone as the gums heal. Protruding posts on the frame serve as anchor points for mounting the artificial teeth, providing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing dental restoration.

    Zygomatic Implants

    While less common, zygomatic implants offer a solution for patients with insufficient bone quality in the upper jaw. These implants are longer than standard sizes and are placed in the cheekbone, also known as the zygomatic bone, instead of the maxilla, where traditional implants are inserted.

    Mini Dental Implants (MDIs)

    Also known as narrow or small-diameter implants, these toothpick-sized implants are narrower than most commonly used dental implants. They are primarily used to stabilise a lower denture. Mini dental implants (MDIs) are a suitable option when a narrower space requires a smaller implant. These minimally invasive implants are commonly used for smaller teeth, such as incisors, and provide stability for devices like lower jaw dentures. With their specialised design and placement technique, MDIs offer an effective solution for enhancing dental aesthetics and improving the function of your smile.

    All-on-4 Implants

    The All-on-4 technique offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to replace their entire upper or lower set of teeth. This innovative approach provides a more permanent and natural-looking alternative to traditional dentures. By strategically placing four implants, including posterior implants angled to optimise the existing bone structure, a full arch denture can be securely attached, restoring both functionality and aesthetics for a confident smile.

    To summarise, various dental implant options are tailored to specific situations. Consult with your dental professional about which type of dental implant will work best for you. The right choice will depend on your specific needs and the overall health of your jawbone and oral cavity.